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Using a Device

It is necessary to set up editing environment before you start editing if you make EDIUS interact with other devices, in such a way as capturing from a video camera or output using video input/output hardware.

Capturing and Recording using a Camera or a VTR

To set up the environment to use EDIUS with other devices for capturing from a camera or exporting to tape, the devices to be used with EDIUS must be registered.

Capture and Monitor Output Using a Hardware

You can use video input/output hardware to perform capturing and monitor output. With EDIUS, it is possible to output the video being edited to a monitor in full frame and full resolution in real time, which enables to adjust the color or timing for cut while comfortably previewing the video.

For the method of hardware installation or connection to a monitor, see the instruction manual attached to the device.

Also, some hardware may require setting by EDIUS and and application supplied with the product to be recognized by EDIUS. For details, visit our website or see the instruction manual attached to the product.

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Supported Hardware


  • Supported hardware or available functions differs depending on used EDIUS. For details, visit our website.

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