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Interaction with GV STRATUS



You can register external devices used for capturing, or set external devices that are used for preview during editing.

Setting an External Device

[Monitor Control]

It links the color mode of the monitor connected with the PC where EDIUS is installed to the setting of [Color Space] in [Project Settings].

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].

2) Click the [Hardware] tree, and click [Monitor Control].

3) Set each item.


[Enable Monitor Control]

Check this item to enable monitor control.



Display supported monitors in a list.

Connected monitors are displayed in white characters, and monitors that are not connected are displayed in gray characters.



Update the information of monitors connected.



Click this item to display the [Network] dialog box to add a monitor to connect.

[Network] Dialog Box


[Color Space Settings]

Set monitor operation to link with the settings in [Color Space] of [Project Settings].

[Color Space] settings are displayed on the left, and the color modes of the monitor are displayed on the right.

Select a monitor to make settings in [Monitor], and select the color mode of the monitor for each [Color Space] in [Color Space Settings]. The color mode of the monitor can be changed by clicking on the right of an item.

  • If [Not Control] is selected for the color mode of the monitor, the monitor operation is not linked to the setting of [Color Space].



Import the setting file (XML format) of [Color Space Settings].



Export [Color Space Settings] of the monitor selected in [Monitor] to a setting file (XML format).


[Back to default]

Restore the the settings for [Color Space Settings] of the monitor selected in [Monitor] to the default.

[Network] Dialog Box

[Server List]

Display a list of addresses of monitors to output.


Click this item to display the [Monitor setting] dialog box to add a monitor to connect.

[Monitor setting] Dialog Box


Delete monitors from [Server List].


Change the monitor settings.

[Move Up]/[Move Down]

Sort the monitors.

  • Selecting a monitor from [Server List] and clicking [Move Up] or [Move Down] will move up or down the selected monitor.


Display the settings of the monitor selected in [Server List].

[Monitor setting] Dialog Box


Enter the name set for the monitor.


Enter the IP address or server name of the monitor.

[Connection Test]

Click to start a connection test.

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