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Interaction with GV STRATUS



Set up effect plug-ins.


Make settings for GPUfx.

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].

2) Click the [Effects] tree, and click [GPUfx].

3) Set each item.


Set antialiasing (processing to make jaggies less conspicuous) when GPUfx is applied.

[Multisample Type]

Select an available multisample type.

[Quality Level]

Set the quality level of the type selected at [Multisample Type].

Selectable items differ according to the type of GPU.

[Render Quality]

Set the image quality at editing of parts where GPUfx is applied.

When [Full Quality] is selected, GPU is used and displayed at its maximum.

When [Draft Quality] is selected, the load at editing can be reduced though this results in lower quality.


Select the graphic card to use in [Graphics Card].

GPU performance

Displays the GPU of your PC.

GPUfx Transition Operating Environment


  • GPUfx cannot be used if video memory on your PC is smaller than 256 MB. The [GPU] folder also will not be displayed on the [Effect] palette.

  • Editing is possible at HD size even in environments where only the SD size can be used. In this case, GPUfx transition becomes offline display.

4) Click [OK].

GPUfx Transition Operating Environment

To use GPUfx transition, the following conditions are required:

[VST Plug-in Bridge]

In EDIUS, as well as plug-ins by third parties that support EDIUS, other plug-ins that support VST can be added using the VST plug-in bridge function.


  • Not all VST plug-in operations are guaranteed.

  • Only 64 -bit VST plug-ins are supported. If EDIUS has been upgraded from an older version, add a 64 -bit VST plug-in.

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].

2) Click the [Effects] tree, and click [VST Plug-in Bridge].

3) Set each item.


Specify the folder containing the VST plug-in to add to [Add VST Plug-ins]. Restart EDIUS after registering the folder.


Delete folders from [Add VST Plug-ins].

4) Click [OK].

VST Plug-in Registration

Save the DLL file of the VST plug-in in any folder on your PC.

1) Click [Add] at [VST Plug-in Bridge].

2) In the [Browse For Folder] dialog box, select the folder containing the VST plug-in and click [OK].

3) Click [OK], and restart EDIUS.


[Color Correction]

[Primary Color Correction]

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].

2) Click the [Effects] tree, and click [Color Correction] → [Primary Color Correction].

3) Set each item.


Available GPU appears. Check GPU to be used.

4) Click [OK].

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