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Searching for Clips Registered to the Bin

Clips registered to the bin can be searched according to search conditions set by the user. The search results are registered to the folder view as the [Search results] folder and can be browsed.

Searching in the Bin

Search clips registered to the bin. After a search is performed, the [Search results] folder is created.

1) Click the folder to be searched in the folder view.

2) Click [Search] in the bin.


3) Select the search conditions at [Category] in [Search by].

4) Set the search conditions, and click [Add].

5) Click [Close] in the [Search Bin] dialog box.


  • The [Search results] folder cannot be moved.

Searching by the Simple Search Bar

Search clips in folders by using the simple search bar. After the search ends, only clips that partially match the search text string among the clips in the folder are displayed in the clip view.

1) Click the folder to be searched in the folder view.

2) Press [F3] on the keyboard.


Enter the search text string. You can also select previous search text strings from the list.


Select the search condition from the list.

[Display find condition]

Switch the show/hide setting for the search conditions.

[Close find bar]

Close the simple search bar to display all clips in the folder.

3) Set the search conditions, and press [Enter] on the keyboard.

Searching Unused Clips

Search clips that have not been used on the timeline.

1) Click the folder to be searched in the folder view.

2) Click [Search].

3) Select [Timeline reference] at [Category] in [Search by].

4) Select [Not used], and click [Add].

Deleting Search Results

Delete [Search results] folders that are no longer required.

1) Select the [Search results] folder, and click [Delete].

2) Click [Yes].



  • When clips in [Search results] are deregistered individually, clips in the [root] folder and clips in folders under that are also deregistered accordingly. You cannot restore them (cannot undo deregistration).

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