Sequence Settings

You can change the settings of the sequence settings in the [Sequence settings] dialog box.

1) Click the [Save Project] list button on the timeline.

2) Click [Sequence settings].


3) Change the settings, and click [OK].

[Sequence settings] Dialog Box

[Sequence name]

Enter the name of the sequence.

[TC preset]

Set the start timecode of the timeline.

[TC Mode]

When NTSC has been selected for the project setting, select either drop frame or non drop frame timecode display.

[Total Length]

Set the total length of the timeline of sequence by directly entering the value. When the timeline exceeds this length, the color of the timeline section over the limit changes.

[Preserve Ancillary data]

Check this item to set the sequence to hold ancillary data.

[Channel map]

Set audio output channel for each track.

Configuring Audio Channel Map

Entry of Values

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