Audio Monitoring

When [Audio Monitoring Mode] is set, clips on the Recorder can be played back with the different setting from that of the audio output set in the channel map of [Sequence settings] or [Project Settings]. In [Audio Monitoring Mode], audio output of the clip played back on the Player can also be set.


  • When a sequence clip is exported to a file, export is performed according to the settings of [Channel map] in [Sequence settings], regardless of the modes in [Audio Monitoring Mode].

  • If you select a channel to be output using the output hardware product while [Audio Monitoring Mode] is set, the channel will conform to the output channel set in [Audio Monitoring Mode].

  • Audio source of the clip to be played back on the Player is played back in the channel mode set in the track patch.

1) Click [Change to Player]/[Change to Recorder] to switch to the display window to be set.

2) Click [View] on the menu bar, and click [Audio Monitoring Mode] → the mode to be set.


Output the original channel of the source on the Player.

Output audio according to the settings in [Channel map] of [Sequence settings] on the Recorder.

Sequence Settings


Output audio in monaural. Downmix to L (Ch1) and R (Ch2) to be the same audio.


Output audio in stereo. Divide the audio to L (Ch1) and R (Ch2) and downmix by decreasing 3  dB.


Play back audio in the mode set in [Custom setting].

[Custom setting]

Customize [Audio Monitoring Mode]. The customized settings can be saved and loaded as presets.

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