Grass Valley HQX Codec

With EDIUS, you can import 4K and 60p videos in their native formats and edit them by frame units. However, editing operations of such large video data put heavy load on the PC, which may prevent not only smooth editing operations but even normal playback operations, depending on the PC specifications. In such cases, convert the data into an intermediate codec to be suitable for editing and to improve work efficiency.

Grass Valley HQX Codec is an intermediate codec that enables the maximum editing performance of EDIUS. It supports 8K/60p/10 -bit at the maximum, and any source can be converted into this codec with the master format retained. Since this codec can be used on both Windows and Macintosh, and supports alpha, it can be utilized for flexible editing in color grading and composition.

The potentiality of the Grass Valley HQX Codec is not limited to editing operations, but it can intermediate between any workflow.

Supported Format

Frame size

24x24 to 8192x4320 (pixels)

Frame rate

60 fps maximum


8 -bit/10 -bit

Alpha channel






While conversion into intermediate codec generally deteriorates the video image quality and is avoided in many cases where quality is important, the Grass Valley HQX Codec can reduce the deterioration to the minimum level and keeps good quality of the master image. Due to its 4:2:2 color space, VBR that maintains the balance of the quality for the data size even after the compression rate has been changed to fit the flame images, and its durability for deterioration even after repetitive conversion, it maintains the quality that is high enough for live events and broadcasting.


Color space



VBR (7680 MB/s maximum)

Frame compression

Intra-frame compression


  • Since the Grass Valley HQX Codec uses VBR where the bitrates varies according to the image and thus the data size may increase depending on the video to be converted, use hard disk drive that is high-speed and with large disk space to a maximum possible.

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