Exporting to a VARICAM Device

You can export clips edited with EDIUS to an AJ-HD1400 or AJ-HD1200A connected to the PC via an IEEE1394 cable.


  • You need to register the export destination VARICAM device as a device preset in advance.

    Registration of Device Presets

  • Export cannot be performed if the output format of the device preset for the VARICAM device differs from the current project settings.

  • The audio sampling rates will differ for frame frequencies of 59.94 Hz and 60.00 Hz.

  • If the frame rate is changed in 1 shot, the lip sync will be out of sync. If necessary, sync the lip sync with waveform editing software then export.

1) Click [Export] on the Recorder.

2) Click [Print to Tape] or [Print to Tape (Display Timecode)].


3) Select a device preset, and click [Next].

4) Click [Next].

5) Confirm the details, and click [Export].

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