Deleting Clips

Deleting Clips/Ripples

Delete clips placed on the timeline.

1) Select a clip, and click [Delete] or [Ripple delete] on the timeline.


Deleting/Ripple Deleting between In and Out Points on the Timeline

Delete the range of the clip between In and Out points on the timeline.

1) Setting the In and Out Points to the Timeline

2) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Delete In/Out] or [Ripple Delete In/Out].


Deleting/Ripple Deleting Only Video/Audio Clips

Delete only the video part or audio part of video clips with audio.

1) Select a clip.

2) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Delete Parts] → an item.


When deleting video clips


Deleting Gaps (Blanks)

Delete blank spaces between clips, and move clips behind forward.

1) Right-click the gap to be deleted, and click [Delete Gap].

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