Besides the following effects, frequently used effects, such as video filter for old movies, are registered as system presets.

[Color Correction]

Includes video filters for color adjustment, such as 3-Way color correction and YUV curve.

Adjusting Color/Brightness (Color Correction)

[Anti Flicker]

Reduces screen flicker. Effective for images with little motion.


Makes a three-dimensional monotone image like a lithograph. You can set the direction and depth of the shadow.

[Old Movie/Film]

Makes an image look like an old film.


Specifies a color as the key color, and apply a specific filter to the inside, edge or outside.


Sharpens the outline of objects and makes an image look as if it is a higher resolution.


Correct the camera shake by image processing.


Creates an effect like a strobe light flashing.

[Soft Focus]

Applies an effect like a mist that softens the video.

[Select channel]

Switches the output of a clip with alpha channel to key output or fill output.

Alpha Channel

[Tunnel Vision]

Makes an image look like it is in a tunnel. It is effective when used in combination with [Loop Slide].

[Video Noise]

Adds noise.


Makes an image look blurred.

[Blend Filters]

Blends two video filters in any respective proportion. The blend ratio can be set to change along the time axis by setting a key frame.


Applies a video filter to the inside or outside of a given range. Using the pass, the application range can be rectangular, elliptical, or any shape.


Applies a preferred set matrix to every pixel, to blur or sharpen an image. It is effective when exporting images in MPEG format that have a lot of movement.


Reverses an image.


Balances an image to be smooth to decrease the noise component. Increasing the threshold value gives a paintbrush effect.


Applies a mosaic to an image. It is effective when used on parts of an image in combination with [Mask].

[Motion Blur]

Applies the [Blur] effect to moving objects only. This effect can be applied when the whole image moves on the screen such as during a pan or tilt movement.

[Raster Wipe]

Transforms an image to become wavelike.

[Loop Slide]

Slides an image as if it is connected above, below, left or right.

[Block Color]

Displays an image in monochrome. It is effective when used on parts of an image in combination with [Mask].

[Pencil Sketch]

Makes an image look like its outline was traced with a pencil.

[Stereoscopic Adjuster]

Adjusts the stereoscopic image.

[Smooth Blur]

Applies an effect where the focal point seems blurred while suppressing discoloration.

[Combine Filters]

Sets up to 5 filters simultaneously. You can also set multiple filters without using [Combine Filters], though the synergistic effect of multiple filters may not appear if you do not use [Combine Filters].(For example, when applying multiple filters in an area specified using a [Mask] or [Chrominance] filter.)

[Gaussian Blur]

Applies a defocusing effect in higher quality than [Blur] and [Smooth Blur].


Sets cropping, zoom-in/out, movement, rotation, etc. of the image.

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