Besides the following effects, frequently used effects, such as enhancement for high-pitched sound/low-pitched sound and audio filter for echo, are registered as system presets.

[Graphic Equalizer]

Sets the frequency properties by adjusting the master fader or the fader of each frequency range.


Creates an echo-like effect by repeating the same sound at different levels or with a time difference.

[Tone Controller]

Sets the intensity of low pitch sound and high pitch sound.

[High-pass Filter]

Cuts the frequency region below a set frequency.

[Parametric Equalizer]

Emphasizes or de-emphasizes sound of a certain frequency.

[Panpot Balance]

Maps the audio signal input from channels on the left and right to the left, right or center. The input level and the output balance can also be set for the left and right channels.

[Pitch Shifter]

Adjusts the audio pitch.

[Low-pass Filter]

Cuts the frequency region above a set frequency.

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