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Dividing Clips

Dividing Clips at the Timeline Cursor Position

You can divide clips at the timeline cursor position. After dividing a clip, you can handle its divided segments as independent clips.

1) Select the clips to be divided.

2) Move the timeline cursor to the position where the clip is to be divided.

3) Click [Add Cut Point (Selected Tracks)] of the timeline.


Dividing Clips at the In and Out Points

You can set the In and Out points on the timeline to divide the clip at a desired position.

1) Select the track where the clip to be divided is currently placed.

2) Setting the In and Out Points to the Timeline

3) Click the [Add Cut Point (Selected Tracks)] list button on the timeline.

4) Click [In/Out (Selected Tracks)].


Combining Divided Clips

You can recombine divided clips.

1) Select 2 clips to be combined.

2) Click the [Add Cut Point (Selected Tracks)] list button on the timeline.

3) Click [Remove cut points].



  • [Remove cut points] is available only when neighboring clips are referencing the same source.

  • When combining clips, if individual effects (e.g. video filter) or layouts have been applied to the clips before combining, the effect of clips placed to the leftmost side of the timeline are applied to clips after combining and other effects are deleted.

  • The two clips before combining cannot be combined if their playback speed is different. Also, the settings of clips from the second clip from the left and onwards are discarded if a time remap has been set.

  • When combining clips, the rubber band setting before combining is maintained. Note, however, that priority is given to the settings of subsequent clips when the rubber band points of the combined section are out-of-position.

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