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Video Signal Level Restriction

IRE range

Video signal level is indicated by IRE with the normal range from 0% to 100%. However, even a small deviation from the normal range will cause the video signal clipped due to inexistence of the supported code, which sometimes causes troubles in actual operations. Therefore, signal allocation is being performed in the range that includes marginal parts called “super white” and “sub black”, and thus, IRE range is approximately - 7% to + 109%.

Automatic adjustment using [Safe Color]

To restrict the IRE range to 0% - 100% at final output after editing and other works have been completed, [Color Balance] in [Color Correction] can be used.

Checking [Safe Color] in the [Color Balance] dialog box restricts each signal of YCbCr so that its IRE range is to be within the range 0% - 100%.

Adjusting Color Balance

After automatic adjustment by [Safe Color] has been performed, some part may not be within the 0% - 100% range in the RGB waveform of [Videoscope]. This occurs after conversion of YCbCr signals restricted within 0% - 100% range into RGB signals, in which some parts are out of the 0% - 100% range of RGB signal.

Restricting IRE range of RGB signals

If you need to maintain the 0% - 100% range also when data of RGB signals is displayed, adjustment can be performed using primary color correction.

Use [Curve] in the primary color correction and set as in the figure below, to make RGB signals within the 0% - 100% range.

Adjusting with [Primary Color Correction]

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