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About EDIUS WAN Editing

With an EDIUS Workgroup workstation in the field, you can integrate with the GV STRATUS system at your home site to combine both field and home assets on the same timeline.

EDIUS WAN Editing integration with GV STRATUS provides the following:
  • Add assets you have procured in the field to the timeline. These are high-resolutions assets stored on the local EDIUS Workgroup workstation.
  • Access assets from the home GV STRATUS system as proxy media.
  • Mix the home site proxy assets and the local high-resolution assets on the same project/timeline.
  • Send the completed project/sequence to the home GV STRATUS system. The project/sequence is rendered and becomes a GV STRATUS asset.

You can drag assets from the GV STRATUS Asset List and drop them onto the EDIUS timeline.

From the timeline that contains both high-resolution field assets and proxy home assets, you can create a project or a story. You can do this while you are in the field yet remotely connected to the GV STRATUS system at your home site.

EDIUS Workgroup allows mixed-format editing as it converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates in real time during rendering by the GV STRATUS Render Engine at the home site. In WAN editing mode, clips can be trimmed and transcoded using H.264 format.

The EDIUS Workgroup application automatically provides WAN editing capabilities as follows:
  • The project must be saved in a location outside of the managed project location on the V: drive. Typically, the project is saved on the GV STRATUS/EDIUS client PC local drive. EDIUS Workgroup must be operating in WAN mode (not GV STRATUS mode) to create and save a project outside of the managed project location.
  • The EDIUS timeline must be exported using the Print to File dialog box configured for XRE and STRATUS Send for WAN Editing. This sends to the home GV STRATUS system for rendering by the GV STRATUS Render Engine.

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