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Using EDIUS for GV STRATUS application

You can launch the GV STRATUS application as an ActiveX panel or STRATUS Browser within the EDIUS application. This allows you to use all GV STRATUS tools within EDIUS and consolidate your entire operation into one workspace.

Depending on licensing and system configuration, the EDIUS for GV STRATUS application launches as a high resolution editor (EDIUS Workgroup) or a low resolution proxy editor (EDIUS XS). The EDIUS for GV STRATUS application allows you to work with GV STRATUS assets. You can drag assets from the GV STRATUS Asset List and drop them into EDIUS player and timeline.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, manage assets considering the following:

  • If accessing assets with the GV STRATUS ActiveX panel or STRATUS Browser, GV STRATUS security applies. Your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins and assets that are part of your workflow.
  • If accessing high-resolutions assets using the EDIUS K2 Browser, GV STRATUS security does not apply. Be careful that you do not interfere with a workflow that is dependent on GV STRATUS security.

You can also undock the GV STRATUS panel from the EDIUS application window to customize the application workspace.

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