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Creating a new EDIUS project at application start

  1. Open the EDIUS for GV STRATUS application and log on to the GV STRATUS system. The Start Project dialog box displays.

  2. Click New Project.

    The Project Settings dialog box displays.

  3. Enter a project name. By default, the project folder is the EDIUS Projects folder in GV STRATUS and is set to create a sub-folder with the project name.
  4. Set a project folder in one of the following ways:
    • Accept the default project folder with the project name.
    • Click . . . to navigate to and select another project folder.
    When logged on to the GV STRATUS system, the project folder must be under the EDIUS Projects folder.
  5. To create the project with different settings from the project preset settings, select Customize. Refer to related topics in "EDIUS Online Manual".
  6. Click OK.

    The new project opens.

    While the EDIUS project is being edited, the project and its included sequences and clips are locked in the GV STRATUS application.

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