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Restoring archived assets in EDIUS

You can restore the high-resolution asset even if it has been archived by the GV STRATUS application.

  1. Double-click the Offline icon on the status bar below the EDIUS timeline.

    Note: The number of offline assets is also displayed next to the Offline icon.

    The Restore and Transfer Clips window opens.

  2. Select the asset to be restored and click the drop-down list under the Restoration Method column.
  3. Select Restore Media.

    The Open window launches.

  4. Select the destination of asset to be restored and click Open.

    The selected location displays under the Restore File column in the Restore and Transfer Clips window.

  5. Click OK.

    EDIUS triggers the restore from archive system and transfer the high-resolution assets.

    Note: Once in progress, cancellation of the Restore Media operation is not supported.

    You can also monitor the transfer on the GV STRATUS Jobs Monitor.

After a successful transfer, assets appear as online on the EDIUS timeline.

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