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Field editing on the EDIUS timeline

You can use the proxy assets from the home GV STRATUS system and mix with high-resolution assets gathered in the field.
  1. On the EDIUS Workgroup workstation, launch the EDIUS for GV STRATUS application.
  2. Log on to the GV STRATUS system at application launch; in WAN Editing mode.
    Note: It is recommended to use WAN Editing mode to avoid unexpected traffic on the network. You can select the STRATUS Send for WAN Editing option when sending the asset later.
  3. Create and save a project in a location outside of the managed project location on the V: drive.
  4. In the EDIUS Workgroup Source Browser, select a local high-resolution asset and drag it onto the timeline.
  5. Launch the STRATUS ActiveX panel or STRATUS Browser.
  6. Log on to the GV STRATUS system when prompted.

    The GV STRATUS panel opens.

  7. In the EDIUS Workgroup GV STRATUS panel, select a GV STRATUS proxy asset and drag it onto the timeline. The proxy asset on the timeline displays diagonal lines to indicate that it is proxy.
The timeline contains both high-resolution and proxy assets.
Next, edit the EDIUS project sequence as desired. Then send the project to the home GV STRATUS system.

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