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Sending EDIUS sequences to the K2 system

You can send a sequence in EDIUS directly to a playout bin on the K2 system. The sequence can only be sent via the GV STRATUS Render Engine server.

  1. Select a sequence on the EDIUS timeline.
  2. Press the F11 key, then proceed as follows:
    • For the low-resolution EDIUS for STRATUS application (EDIUS XS), the Send Destination dialog box opens. Skip ahead to the next step.
    • For the high-resolution EDIUS for STRATUS application (EDIUS Workgroup), the Print to File dialog box opens. Do the following substeps:

    1. Make sure XRE is selected.
    2. In the Exporter section, select STRATUS Send and then click Export. The Send Destination dialog box opens.

  3. Enter the name of the sequence in the Send As box.

    Asset and bin names must comply with K2 system specifications.

  4. In the Destination List, select destinations as follows:
    • Select one or more transfer destinations
    • Select one or more conform destinations

    You cannot select both transfer and conform destinations.

  5. If configured for a Newsroom Computer System, you can also link the asset to a local or remote placeholder.
    • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins, assets, and metadata.
    • In order to link to a placeholder, you must be assigned with the Rename Asset Rights role and write permission for the Name property in Metadata section of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
    1. On the Link To Placeholder tab, select a placeholder.

      If a remote placeholder, expand the remote site node.

      If already linked to a placeholder, you can select a different placeholder.

    2. If desired, in the Placeholder Description field, enter text and click Save. The placeholder description is updated. It is not necessary to click Send to update the placeholder description.
  6. Click Send. The transfer is initiated. If transferring multiple assets, transfer jobs are queued.

The sequence is sent to the playout server.

You can check the progress of the transfer in the GV STRATUS Jobs Monitor.

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