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The Dashboards

The Dashboard monitor allows you to view statistical information of the GV STRATUS system and activities via social media.

You can access and launch Dashboards from the Monitors node in the GV STRATUS Web Client. You can also drag and drop any Dashboard panel into the Favorites section in the Navigator to easily access your Dashboard status. If you are assigned with appropriate roles in the GV STRATUS Control Panel, these options are available via Dashboards under the Monitors node.

The System Statistics panel displays data in graphical form for change notices, asset count, user sessions, system sessions, quota usage, and top 5 of assets per bin in the GV STRATUS system. In order for the Statistics panel to display via the Dashboard, the GV STRATUS Web Apps SiteConfig role must be installed on the GV STRATUS Core server. Users must also be assigned with the Dashboard and Dashboard - Statistics roles in GV STRATUS Control Panel to view the dashboard. When you double-click on System Statistics under the Dashboards node, those statistics are launched as a new tab in the GV STRATUS Web Client.

The Social Media Statistics dashboard displays data in graphical form for statistical information of all Social Media platforms. You must be assigned with the Dashboard and Dashboard - Social Media roles in order to view the tab. Once an asset is published via the configured social media account, GV STRATUS system gathers statistical data such as (View-, Like- and Share-) counts from the social media platform and displays them via the dashboard.

If a webpage is configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel for display in the Dashboard tool, you can select the webpage under Dashboard options and view the display on a separate tab.

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