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Using the GV STRATUS Web Client

The GV STRATUS Web Client consists of the Navigator, Asset List, Inspector, Assignment List, Segmentation tool, and the Simple Editor tool. You can search assets, navigate to assets, view assets in the video player, modify asset properties, insert markers/keywords into assets, archive assets, and use the Simple Editor tool to edit assets. The Assignment List allows you to create placeholders for assets, assign those placeholders to newsroom editors, and link the resulting assets to rundown stories on your Newsroom Computer System. The Segmentation tool allows you to create multiple segments of the asset for diverse broadcast schedules, and arrange segments for insertion of commercials in between. With this workflow, you can easily view your high resolution media, insert markers or keywords, edit assets, and regenerate proxy in just one workspace.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. If permission is restricted, buttons, list items, and other controls can be disabled or hidden. You can only view metadata with read permissions, and modify metadata with write permissions. If read or write permissions are denied, your metadata fields will be disabled.

The GV STRATUS Web Client is also supported on mobile devices as shown below.

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