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Logging on to the GV STRATUS Web Client

  • These SiteConfig roles must be assigned in the Express/Core server:
    • GV STRATUS Web Apps
    • GV STRATUS Web Client
    • GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Service
  • These licenses must be installed in the Express/Core server via SabreTooth:

When you log on to the GV STRATUS system, the GV STRATUS application assigns GV STRATUS licenses and roles based on your user account credentials, as set by the system administrator in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application. If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins and assets that are part of your workflow. If GV STRATUS metadata access control is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on metadata fields that are part of your workflow. Your credentials must also give you access to all your K2 systems.

You can open the GV STRATUS Web Client in a supported web browser, such as Chrome, using the following web address template: http://<core_server_name>/webclient

If you have a certificate from a genuine, trusted, authority installed, you can also access the web client at: https://<core_server_name>/webclient

The web page (the origin) may be served unencrypted over HTTP, but all communication with the GV STRATUS core services, including log on credentials, occurs over HTTPS and is fully encrypted. In order for the browser to trust the server and begin an HTTPS connection, it needs to validate a certificate. These certificates must come from a known organization called a certificate authority – one that the browser trusts to verify the server is who it says it is.

  1. Launch the GV STRATUS Web Client using your web browser.

    A GV STRATUS Log On dialog opens.

  2. Enter your user name.

    If you use domain credentials, enter in format <domain>\<username>. For example, if your domain is "gv" and your username is "GVuser", enter gv\GVuser.

    If you have successfully logged on before, select your user name from the drop-down list.

  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Log On.

The GV STRATUS Web Client opens.

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