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Transferring assets using Send Destination

You can transfer assets to pre-configured destination locations using the Send Destination feature. The destination locations are configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  1. Right-click on the asset that you want to transfer and select Transfer | Send. The Send Destinations dialog box opens and displays the list of destinations.

  2. In the Send As text box, enter the asset name.
  3. In the Destination tab, select one from the following:
    • Select one or more transfer destinations
    • Select one or more conform destinations

    You are not allowed to select both transfer and conform destinations at the same time.

    Note: If a local transfer destination is labeled as 'Remote Transfer', you need to re-save the send destination configuration on GV STRATUS Control Panel to get the correct label.
  4. If configured for a Newsroom Computer System, you can also link the asset to a placeholder.
    1. On the Link To Placeholder tab, select a placeholder.

      If already linked to a placeholder, you can select a different placeholder.

  5. Click Send.

To view the status of the transfer, open the Jobs Monitor.

The Rules Workflows job monitor provides the overall status of the send order.

In case assets would exist at the destination with the same name, the rules workflow job handles that gracefully. In case one of the subsequent jobs would fail, the rules workflow job rolls back all other subsequent jobs in a transactional fashion.

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