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The Segmentation tool


  • This SiteConfig role must be assigned in the Express/Core server:
    • GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Service
  • This license must be installed in the Express/Core server via SabreTooth:

The Segmentation tool allows you to assign an asset into multiple segments for insertion of commercials in between segments, or to create diverse segments of an asset for different broadcast times. You can easily create several Segmentation panels in the tool to create multiple types of segments to suit your broadcast schedule.

The Segmentation tool displays as a composite panel in the GV STRATUS Web Client application. It includes the Player, and Segmentation panel(s).

You can only create segments if you have the Segmentation role.

Segmentation tool features are as follows:
  • Viewer — Loads assets to be previewed.
  • Segmentation Panel — Displays the list of segments of the asset.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. If permission is restricted, buttons, list items, and other controls can be disabled or hidden. Bins, assets, and metadata that do not have read permissions are not visible. Markers and segments permissions must be set to Allow in order to create, update, or delete markers and segments.

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