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Editing segments

  • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you full read and write permissions on bins, assets, and segments. You can only view segments with read permission, and modify segments with write permission.
  • Create Segment and Update Segment permissions must be set to Allow, for you to create and update segments.

When you edit a segment, you change the length of the viewable asset by changing the Mark In and Mark Out points of the segment.

  1. Double-click a segment in the Segmentation panel.

    The segment displays in the Player. The scrub bar of the segment appears in green to indicate that the segment is editable and in the Edit Mode.

  2. Navigate to the desired starting point using the scrub bar, and click the Mark In button. ( I)
  3. Navigate to the desired end-point using the scrub bar, and click the Mark Out button. ( O)

    Your changes are saved to the segment.

  4. Click anywhere on the Segmentation panel to exit the Edit Mode.

    The color of the Player scrub bar turns back to blue to indicate that the segment is no longer in the Edit Mode.

The Segmentation panel displays the new duration, mark in, and mark out points for the segment.

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