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The Sequence Viewer

The Sequence Viewer allows you to play assets (also called events) that have been assembled into a STRATUS EDL in the Simple Editor. The Sequence Viewer appears in the application as a panel in the Simple Editor tool.

The Sequence Viewer includes the following components:
  • Title bar — Displays the name of the EDL.
  • Viewer — Displays the event currently playing in the EDL.
  • Overlay Transport controls — Navigates through the EDL. Visible when you hover the mouse pointer over the viewer.
  • Audio Overlay — Displays audio settings embedded within each event in the EDL. Audio Overlay display can be toggled from the button on Viewer Controls.
  • Scrub bar — Lets you scrub through the EDL.
  • Viewer Controls — Allows you to go to previous/next event, toggle hide events, toggle the display of the audio overlay, toggle loop play, and eject the EDL.
  • Timecode Controls — Allows you to navigate through the EDL to a specific timecode. Also lets you select the mark in/out and other timecode types to be displayed.

The Sequence Viewer in the Simple Editor can only load EDLs. You can navigate through the EDL by using the transport controls. Each event in the EDL is indicated by a symbol on the scrub bar.

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