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The Simple Editor tool

  • The Proxy Streaming Server must be configured in order to use the Simple Editor tool in GV STRATUS Web Clients.
  • This SiteConfig role must be assigned in the Express/Core server:
    • GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Service
  • This license must be installed in the Express/Core server via SabreTooth:
The Simple Editor tool allows you to create the STRATUS EDL (Edit Decision List) and access the editing workspace. Launch the Simple Editor tool by doing one of the following:
  • Right-click on an asset in the Asset List and select Open With | Simple Editor
  • In the Navigator panel, select Tools | Simple Editor
The Simple Editor tool launches as a composite panel inclusive of Source Viewer, Sequence Viewer, and Timeline. The Navigator is available on the left for users to drag and drop assets into the tool.

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