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Viewer buttons

These transport control buttons on the Source Viewer and Sequence Viewer let you move through the viewed asset:
  • -1 Frame: Goes back one frame.
  • -10 Frames: Goes back ten frames.
  • Rewind: Rewinds the current asset. First press, rewinds -8x speed. Second press, increases to -16x speed.
  • Play: Plays the clip. Toggles with the Pause button.
  • Fast Forward: Fast Forwards the current asset. First press, fast forwards to 8x speed. Second press, increases to 16x speed.
  • +10 Frames: Goes forward ten frames.
  • +1 Frame: Goes forward one frame.
These buttons and controls located below the viewer let you perform various functions:
  • Mark In: Sets the Mark In point.
  • Mark Out: Sets the Mark Out point.
  • Create Keyword: Logs an item from mark in to mark out.
  • Create Marker: Logs an item for the current position.
  • Go to Previous Event: Goes to previous event.
  • Go to Next Event: Goes to next event.
  • Toggle Hide Events: Hides marker and keyword indicators on the scrub bar.
  • Toggle Show Audio Meters: Toggles the display of audio overlay on the Source Viewer.
  • Toggle Loop Play: Loops the playback of current asset between mark in to mark out.
  • Eject: Ejects the current asset.
  • Add to Timeline: Adds the asset into the Timeline.
  • Timecode: Displays timecode and allows you navigate to a specific timecode. Also lets you select the timecode type for display.
These control buttons on the audio overlay let you control the audio of the viewed asset:
  • Mute: Silences the selected audio channel.
  • Solo: Isolates the selected audio channel.

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