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The Source Viewer

The Source Viewer appears in a composite panel when you launch the Simple Editor tool. The Source Viewer allows you to preview assets, both assets already recorded and assets currently being recorded.

To view asset in the Source Viewer, do one of the following:
  • Drag the asset to the Simple Editor tab and drop it into the Source Viewer.
  • Right-click an asset on the Asset List and select Open With | Simple Editor.

The Source Viewer includes the following components :
  • Title bar — Displays the name of asset loaded in the Source Viewer.
  • Overlay Transport Controls — Consists of transport controls to navigate through the asset. Visible when you hover the mouse pointer over the viewer.
  • Clip Viewer — Displays the asset.
  • Audio Overlay — Displays audio settings embedded within the asset. Audio Overlay display can be toggled from the button on Viewer Controls.
  • Scrub Bar — Scrubs through the asset.
  • Viewer Controls — Allows you to mark in/out the asset, insert markers and keywords, go to previous/next event, toggle hide events, toggle the display of the audio overlay, toggle loop play, add asset into the Timeline, and eject the asset.
  • Timecode Controls — Allows you to select the mark in/out and other timecode types to display. Also lets you navigate through the clip to a specific timecode.

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