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Creating an EDL

  1. Open the Simple Editor tool and click the Create EDL button on the Timeline toolbar.

    The Create EDL dialog box opens.

  2. Enter the name of your EDL, select a K2 bin to save the EDL into, and click Create.
  3. Select an asset in the Asset List, drag it to the Simple Editor tab, and drop it into the Source Viewer panel.

    The asset loads in the Source Viewer and the asset name displays in the title bar.

  4. Choose one of the following actions:
    • To preview the asset, click the Play button or use the appropriate transport controls.
    • To create a mark-in point, click the the Mark In button.
    • To create a mark-out point, click the Mark Out button.
  5. Drag the asset into the Timeline panel. The asset is now in the Timeline of the Simple Editor and referred to as an event.
  6. Repeat above steps to add additional events.
  7. In the Timeline panel, use the toolbar buttons to modify events.
  8. To save as a different EDL, click the Save As button.

    The Save EDL dialog box opens.

  9. Enter the name of the EDL, select the K2 bin to save the list of events into, and click Save.

To preview the EDL, use the transport controls in the Sequence Viewer.

You can also drag an asset or multiple assets into the Simple Editor without first creating a new EDL, then those assets load into the Timeline panel. By default, your EDL will be automatically saved in the Lost and Found bin.

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