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Using the GV STRATUS application in GV STRATUS Rundown

You can launch the GV STRATUS application as an ActiveX panel within the GV STRATUS Rundown application. This allows you to use all GV STRATUS tools and GV STRATUS Rundown to consolidate your entire operation including playback into one workspace.

With GV STRATUS within the GV STRATUS Rundown application, you can easily drag clips from Asset List into GV STRATUS Rundown's playlist. In addition, the Assignment List lets you create a placeholder for a clip and link it into the accompanying story in the NCS rundown. You can also assign channels for clips via the NCS for playout.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. If permission is restricted, buttons, list items, and other controls can be disabled or hidden. Bins, assets, and metadata that do not have read permissions are not visible. Markers and segments permissions must be set to Allow in order to create, update, or delete markers and segments.

To launch the GV STRATUS panel within GV STRATUS Rundown, click View and select STRATUS.

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