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Linking clips automatically from GV STRATUS

  • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins, assets, and metadata.
  • In order to link to a placeholder, you must be assigned with the Rename Asset Rights role and write permission for the Name property in Metadata section of GV STRATUS Control Panel.

You can automatically create placeholders and link them when you drag and drop assets into the playlist.

  1. Create a new playlist in the GV STRATUS Rundown application.
  2. Select a clip from the Asset List in the GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.
  3. Drag and drop the clip into GV STRATUS Rundown's playlist.

    The clip is linked to a placeholder that is automatically generated in the Assignment List of GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.

  4. Click Save to save the playlist.

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