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Using the GV STRATUS application in a Newsroom Computer System

You can launch the GV STRATUS application as an ActiveX panel within supported MOS compliant Newsroom Computer Systems (NCS) such as ENPS, iNEWS, Octopus, OpenMedia, NIS5, Netia, and Inception. This allows you to use Assignment List, Scheduler, RMI, Inspector, Navigator, Storyboard Editor, Playlist Editor, and other panels to consolidate your entire operation into one workspace.

The Assignment List in the GV STRATUS application lets you create a placeholder for a clip and link it into the accompanying story in the NCS rundown. You can create placeholders and insert them manually into your rundown; or use the auto-create feature, to create and insert placeholders automatically.

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins, assets, and metadata. In order to link an event to a placeholder, you must be assigned with write permission for the Name property in Metadata section of GV STRATUS Control Panel.

Note: To integrate Inception into the GV STRATUS system, contact Grass Valley Service.

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