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About recording clips in a Channel Panel

You have the following options for recording clips:

  • Crash RecordStart a recording without specifying a clip name. The GV STRATUS application gives the clip a default name based on User Preference settings.
  • New clip — Create and name a clip before recording starts.
Indicators that the recording is underway are as follows:
  • Timecode increments.
  • Tally indicators display a red color.
  • The clip thumbnail displays.

The function of the Record button toggles. While the channel is recording, clicking the Stop button stops the recording. While the channel is not recording, clicking the Record button begins recording.

When the channels in a gang are not on the same K2 Summit system, there can be a brief pause before the record operation begins.

If quota is configured on the K2 system bin, ensure you have enough disk space before recording starts.

It is recommended to set the quota on a destination bin to at least 2GB. Records will not begin if there is less than 1GB of free space remaining in the destination bin.

Refer to K2 system documentation for more details about recording clips.

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