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Recording on ganged channels using crash record

  • If quota is configured on the K2 system bin, ensure you have enough disk space before recording assets.
  • It is recommended to set the quota on a destination bin to at least 2GB. Records will not begin if there is less than 1GB of free space remaining in the destination bin.
  1. Launch a Channel Panel.
  2. Click the Record button . ( F12) on a gang. The following occurs:
    • The application creates new clips and gives them default names based on User Preference settings.
    • Recording begins on all channels in the gang.
    • The clips record to the current working bin.
    • The Channel Panel automatically assigns an Angle property for each clip.

While recording, if the bin in which a growing asset exists reaches its quota, the clips will be forced to stop recording but will remain in the bin.

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