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Channel Panel buttons

These buttons located on the Channel Panel toolbar let you perform various functions:
  • Salvo: Loads, creates, or removes a salvo.
  • Save: Saves the current settings. The settings are saved to the Channel Panel configuration.
  • Trash: Removes an item, such as a channel or production element, from the panel when you drag and drop the item on the icon.
  • View Mode: Controls the display and size of the items in a list or panel.
These transport control buttons let you control channels:
  • New Clip: Creates a new clip and allows you to name the clip before recording.
  • Cue Start: Cues to the beginning of the asset.
  • Record: Starts recording. Toggles with Stop button.
  • Stop: Stops recording. Toggles with Record button.
  • Play: Plays the clip. Toggles with the Pause button.
  • Pause: Pauses the play operation. Toggles with Play button.
  • Eject: Ejects the current asset.
These buttons located on the channels and gangs in the Channel Panel extend the functionality of controls:
  • Add Marker: Logs an item for the current position.
  • Go to Previous Marker: Goes to previous keyword/marker.
  • Go to Next Marker: Goes to next keyword/marker.
  • Hide Markers and Keywords: Hides marker and keyword indicators on the scrub bar.
  • Loop Playback: Loops the current asset between mark in to mark out.
  • Show/Hide Control Tray: Shows or hides the control tray.
  • Live Streaming Video: Enables/disables the display of the live video stream.
  • Live Streaming Audio: Enables/disables the audio of the live video stream.

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