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Loading an asset for playback in a Channel Panel

  1. Launch a Channel Panel.
  2. In the Navigator panel, select the bin containing the asset to play. The asset appears in the Asset List.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To load the asset into a single channel, drag the asset from the Asset List to a channel's thumbnail display area. You can do this on a single channel or on a channel that is part of a gang.
    • To load the same asset into multiple channels of a gang, drag the asset from the Asset List to the gang background or to the gang tally indicator. The channel name includes K2 gang info, when the channel is a part of a K2 gang.
    • To load the asset that is in one channel into another channel, drag the asset type icon from one channel to another.

    The mouse pointer displays a no-drop icon for channels that are incompatible with the clip's video standard or format. The following occurs:
    • The asset is loaded on the channels that have access to the asset. If a gang includes channels from multiple K2 systems that have separate storage, the asset loads on the channels from those K2 systems that contain the asset in their storage. The asset does not load on channels from K2 systems that do not contain the asset.
    • Each loaded channel displays a thumbnail of the media.
    • Tally indicators display an orange color to indicate that media is cued up and ready to play.

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