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Modifying a Channel Panel while in use

After you have launched one or more Channel Panels, you can use drag and drop operations within a Channel Panel or between Channel Panels to change channels and gangs. You can do this while channel operations are underway.

  1. Click on the top bar of a channel and drag it as follows:
    • To create a gang, drag a single channel on top of another single channel. A gang opens that contains the two channels.
    • To remove a channel from a gang, drag the channel to a location outside of the gang. The channel becomes a single channel in the Channel Panel.
    • To remove a channel from the Channel Panel, drag the channel to the Trash button in the toolbar.
    • To add a single channel to a gang, drag the channel to the gang.
    • To remove a gang, drag all the channels in the gang to a location outside of the gang. When the last channel is removed from the gang, the gang is removed from the Channel Panel.
  2. To take control of a channel, click Reconnect.

    The Steal Channel Confirmation dialog opens.

  3. Click Take Control.
  4. To change the working bin, do the following:
    1. Right-click anywhere within the channel and select Edit Working Bin. The Channel Panel configuration opens in the Inspector and the working bin control expands.
    2. Select the working bin.
      Note: The working bin is set for all the channels from the same K2 system used in the Channel Panel.
  5. Click the the Save button in the toolbar.
  6. Click OK. This updates the current Channel Panel configuration with your changes.
If you close and then launch the Channel Panel your changes remain in effect.

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