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Channel setup settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Applications | Ingest | Channel Setup

In the Scheduler section, you can add and organize Scheduler tool channel groups. In GV STRATUS Navigator, channel groups are displayed as individual Scheduler tools under the parent Scheduler tool. Each channel group can be launched as a Scheduler tool and can be configured to display a sub-set of Scheduler channels.
  • Each row represents a Scheduler channel. Channels can be reordered higher/lower using up/down arrows.
  • Each column on the right-hand side of the Scheduler column represents a channel group. Added channel groups can be reordered left/right using drag-and-drop. The left-right order is displayed as a top-bottom order in GV STRATUS Navigator.
Setting or button Description
Channel Name, K2 Device, etc Channel settings, as configured in the Add/Modify Channel dialog box.
Scheduler Rows selected in the column define the channels displayed in the Scheduler tool. If a channel is not selected, it is not displayed in the parent Scheduler tool or in any channel groups. This column cannot be removed or its position altered.
+ Opens the Add Channel Group dialog box, which defines and adds a new channel group. Rows selected in the column define the channels displayed on the added channel group.
X Removes an added column.
Add Opens the Add Channel dialog box for you to add channels for Scheduler or GV STRATUS VTR Ingest.
Modify Opens the Modify Channel dialog box for the selected channel.
Remove Removes the selected channel.
Note: Events set to Auto-Assign in the channel must be removed prior to the channel's removal.
Save Saves the current configuration of added channels and their order.

Arrow buttons on the right reorder selected channels. The channel order is displayed in the Scheduler tool. The channel order is not displayed in GV STRATUS VTR Ingest. The Save button must be clicked to save a new configuration. A prompt to save settings and restart ingest services opens to implement the change.

Note: Stop ingest operations before services restart. Scheduled feed recordings or GV STRATUS VTR Ingest operations can be affected while services restart.

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