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Setting up control for Scheduler channels in the K2 AppCenter

The Scheduler tool uses the K2 Summit API to communicate with K2 Summit channels. You must set K2 Summit channels to be controlled remotely and used as Scheduler channels in the GV STRATUS application.

  1. In the K2 AppCenter, click on the channel that you want to specify for the Scheduler tool.
  2. Select Control | Options.

    The Options dialog box displays. If it is not already displayed, select the Control tab.

  3. Select a Remote setting either one from the list below:
    Option Description
    Remote Only Allows you to control the record channel remotely.
    Remote and Local Allows you to control the record channel locally as well as remotely.

    If you have GV STRATUS Rundown in your system, it is recommended to select AMP in the Protocol setting.

  4. Click OK.

Repeat this procedure for each K2 Summit channel that will be controlled remotely via the Scheduler tool.

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