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SDB Server settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Applications | Rundown | SDB

Setting or button Description
SDB Server IP address or machine name where the SDB Server resides. The SDB Server is automatically populated if you install using Site Config.
Note: The GV STRATUS Control Panel application must be installed on the SDB Server.
Backup SDB Server IP address or machine name that hosts the backup SDB Server, if available.
Database Identifier ID for the database, up to 4 characters, such as your station call letters. All clip IDs will begin with this identifier.
SDB Thumbnail Path The path where clip thumbnails are stored. You can click the browse icon to launch the Windows dialog and select a specific location in your network.
Rundown Status Display of rundown status; either Monitor all rundowns or Monitor open rundowns only.
Story Categories Story categories are used to sort and assign placeholders in the Assignment List.
Story Types The story type for placeholders. Default story types are SOT (Story on Tape) and VO (Voice Over).

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