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Rundown settings

Rundown settings configure the Simple Database (SDB) Server, XMOS Server, and K2 systems for the purpose of playout. The GV STRATUS application supports GV STRATUS Rundown for news broadcast operations. GV STRATUS Rundown server component settings are automatically populated if you install using SiteConfig. Access these settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

Format settings define the video standard.

You must install GV STRATUS Control Panel on SDB Server / XMOS Server, and run the GV STRATUS Control Panel application in order to make changes to Rundown settings.

If you change any Rundown settings, you must restart the SDB server. A restart of the Newsroom Computer system might also be required.

If you change the GV STRATUS Database Server setting in the GV STRATUS Core Services settings, you must do the following to propagate the change for GV STRATUS Rundown operations:

  1. Launch and save settings.
  2. Restart the SDB server.

Refer to related topics in the this Topic Library to configure playout channels in the GV STRATUS Rundown application.

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