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XMOS Server settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Applications | Rundown | XMOS

Setting or button Description
XMOS Server IP address or machine name where the XMOS Server resides. The XMOS Server is automatically populated if you install using Site Config.
Note: The GV STRATUS Control Panel application must be installed on the XMOS Server.
MOS ID The MOS ID that you use in your operation.

In ENPS, see ENPS | System Maintenance | MOS Configuration in the ID column.

In iNEWS, this value matches the <mos> value within the configuration file on the iNEWS MOS Gateway at C:/Program Files/Avid/MOS Gateway/mosconfig.xml.

In Octopus, see Admin | MOS | Devices.

NCS ID Name of the machine hosting your newsroom computer system:

For ENPS, the name of the ENPS Server. If you have an ENPS Buddy server, you need to enter both the main and buddy server names in both the NCS ID and NCS MOS Server fields, in the format "MAIN,BUDDY".

For iNEWS, the name of the iNEWS Server.

For Octopus, see Admin | MOS | Devices.

NCS MOS Server Name of the machine hosting the NCS MOS Server component:

For ENPS, the same value you entered for the NCS ID.

For iNEWS, the name of the iNEWS MOS Gateway machine.

For Octopus, the name of the Octopus Server machine.

MOS Version The version number of MOS you are using. Refer to compatible versions in this Topic Library. If your version is unknown, leave the setting at the default value.
NCS Type ENPS must be selected in this drop-down list if you are using ENPS version 8.2 and above with the GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in. If not selected, you cannot drag/drop placeholders and assets from the GV STRATUS ActiveX panel into ENPS.

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