Other Topic Library Versions

GV STRATUS Version 4.0.3

  • Scheduler tool enhancement — Optimization of Scheduler's reliability and performance.
  • Send workflow — Support of transactional copy to GV STRATUS remote destinations. For more details, refer to Transferring an asset to a remote site.
  • Dashboard role — Dashboard role is available in all licenses except for Newsroom Basic. It is recommended that a maximum of 5 users assigned to the Dashboard role. For more details, refer to Old GV STRATUS roles matrix.
  • Thumbnail extraction — Thumbnails can now be extracted via the Export rule. An export thumbnail is defined by a tn marker on the asset. For more details, refer to Adding a thumbnail marker.
  • SQL server memory setting — To prevent low memory issues, the SQL server memory limit can be set on the GV STRATUS Core server. For more details, refer to Setting the SQL server memory limit.
  • Conformed asset timecode setting — For all conform jobs, the start timecode of the resultant simple clip is based on EDIUS XS Start Timecode setting in the GV STRATUS Control Panel. For more details, refer to EDIUS Settings.
  • EDIUS lock enhancement — When an EDIUS project is being edited, the project and its included sequences and clips are locked in the GV STRATUS application. For more details, refer to Adding GV STRATUS assets to EDIUS timeline.
  • Documentation — The following additional changes have been made to the GV STRATUS 4.0 Topic Library:
    • Updates to GV STRATUS compatibility tables in "Release Notes" section.
    • Information added on High Priority Windows Updates for EDIUS and GV Render Engine server. For more details, refer to Install Important Windows updates for EDIUS.
    • Republished GV STRATUS 4.0 Topic Library on 20150604.

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