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EDIUS Settings

These settings are only required on GV STRATUS systems with EDIUS.

To locate these settings, in GV STRATUS Control Panel click Applications | EDIUS | EDIUS Project

Setting or button Description
Default project location The default location for your EDIUS projects. The location is a folder on K2 storage. Make sure this path uses the standard convention of UNC path with hostname (not drive letter) for EDIUS access to K2 storage.
Start timecode The start timecode of your project or conformed asset. The default is set to 00:00:00,00.
Video Tracks The number of video tracks for your project.
Audio Tracks The number of audio tracks for your project.
Title Tracks The number of title tracks for your project.
Overscan Size The percentage ratio of overscan size for your project. Set to 0 if you are not using the overscan feature.

Format settings define the format of projects.

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