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Adding a media ID

You can add a media ID to clips on the RMI to identify clips for your broadcast easily.

  1. Click the Media ID button.

    The Media ID section opens.

    Note: The Media ID section also opens automatically when a new removable device is detected, if the Automatically prompt for Media ID checkbox is selected in the user preferences window.

  2. Enter the Media ID to identify clips from each removable device.
  3. Enter a default clip name in the Base Clip Name field. The application sets the base clip name with a default suffix for every clip populated in the RMI panel. If you don't enter a base clip name, the application uses original clip names from the removable device.
    Note: The base clip name will only overwrite names that have not been previously altered. For instance, if a photographer overrides the default clip name on the camera itself, RMI will not overwrite that name. However, selecting Overwrite Default overrides all default clip names.
  4. Change the Default Clip Location, if you want to import clips to a different location. You can click Browse to search for other locations in your K2 Summit system.

    When GV STRATUS security is enforced, you must have write permissions to the destination.

  5. Check the Overwrite Default box if you want the base clip name to overwrite original clip names.
  6. Click the Apply button. The Media ID section closes.
The RMI updates according to details entered in the Media ID section.

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