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Previewing a clip

  • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins, assets, metadata, markers, keywords, and segments.

Clip previews allow you to easily select, deselect and decide what to import from the RMI tool. You can preview clips using the Inspector and Source Viewer panel.

  1. Select a clip that you want to preview from the RMI list.
  2. Do one of the following below:
    • Double-click on the clip.

      The clip loads into the Inspector panel.

      If you have previously launched the Source Viewer, you can see the clip loads into both Source Viewer and the Inspector panel.

    • Right-click and select Preview Highlighted Clips.

      The clip loads into the Source Viewer panel.

    Note: You can also select multiple clips and preview them, but only if they are of the same video and compression format.
  3. Click the Play button.

    You can navigate through the preview using transport control buttons on the Inspector and Source Viewer panels. If you are previewing multiple RMI clips, each clip is indicated by a symbol above the scrub bar.

    You can also view markers and keywords on the clip. Marker permissions must be set to Allow on the Security tab of the Inspector to create, update, or delete markers and keywords.

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