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Trimming a clip

With the RMI tool, you can trim a clip prior to import. To use the Trim operation, you must be logged on with a user account to which the Trim Rights role is assigned. If the role is not assigned, the Trim operation is not available.

Note: Trimming is only supported with individual clips.
  1. On the RMI list, select the clip that you want to trim.
  2. Drag the clip from the RMI tool and drop it into the Inspector.
  3. Navigate to the desired starting point using the scrub bar, and click the Mark In button. ( I)
  4. Navigate to the desired end-point using the scrub bar, and click the Mark Out button. ( O)

    Trim Asset is enabled when the asset has a mark-in or mark-out point. It is disabled if the asset does not have a mark-in or mark-out point.

    Note: If a clip is a part of Dyno record train sequence, Mark In and Mark Out points should not be set beyond the limit of the guard band, as configured for the record train sequence.
  5. Click the Actions drop-down arrow and select Trim Asset.

    The Confirm Trim dialog opens.

  6. Click Trim to trim the clip.

    You can see the new duration and the scissor icon within the RMI list to signify that it is a trimmed clip.

If you eject or reinsert the disk, mark points are lost.

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