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Adding a recurring event

If you want to schedule an event to record on more than one occasion, such as every day, every week, or once a month, you can create a recurring event.

Recurring events can be scheduled on single or multi-cam channels.

Scheduling a recurring event is the same as scheduling a one-time recording except that you enter information about how the event recurs throughout time. You can schedule the event to recur up to three years in advance.

  1. Add a new event. The Inspector panel loads new event properties that need to be filled in.
  2. Click on the Misc tab.
  3. Select the Recurring Event check box. The Recurring Event section opens.

  4. Select how you want the event to recur:
    • Daily - Enter the number of days for the event to recur or select Every Weekday.
    • Weekly - Enter the number of weeks for the event to recur and check the boxes for the day or days you want the event to record.
    • Monthly - Select a specific date of the month or a specific day of the month to record.
  5. Select the range of recurrence, by selecting a Start date, and either an End by date or an End after a certain number of occurrences.
    Note: If your range of recurrence includes the start or end time of the Daylight Saving Time, a dialog pops up to warn the possibility of time change in your scheduled recording.

    Click OK to close the dialog.

  6. Click Add. Recurring events appear on the Scheduler tool.

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