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The Scheduler tool

The Scheduler tool allows you to view configured channels and schedule events to be recorded for later use. The Scheduler tool appears in the application as a panel that can be accessed from the Window menu or the tools section of the Navigator panel. In the Navigator panel, the parent Scheduler tool contains all displayed channels. Channel groups under the parent Scheduler tool contain a sub-set of channels, as configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel.

The Scheduler tool features are as follows:
  • Clock — Shows current time according to the system time of the Ingest Service server. If the client PC time is in a different timezone than the server, the server time is converted to the client PC timezone.
  • Timeline — Shows dates and hours to guide event scheduling.
  • Available channels — Shows channels that are configured to record events.
  • Scheduler toolbar — Consists of buttons for scheduling and viewing events.
  • Current time indicator — Moves along the timeline according to the current time.
  • Scheduled events — Shows events that have been added to the Scheduler tool.
  • Ingest Service status indicator — Shows the connection status between Ingest core service and the Scheduler tool.
    • — Connected
    • — Disconnected

With the tool, you can schedule events to record in advance, by specifying the date, time, and duration of the recording. You can also choose whether to schedule a single event, main and backup events, recurring events, open ended events, or crash record an event.

By default, the Scheduler tool opens to the current day, date, and time according to your system time.

If you hover on an event on the Scheduler tool, a tooltip appears to show the event name, video thumbnail, router source, recording location, channel, time information, duration of the event, and error description if available.

You can also configure specific properties to display on the tooltip via the Timeline Information settings in GV STRATUS Control Panel. However, this is only supported for the Track View mode of the Scheduler. The order of property display on the tooltip is according to the order of configured properties in the Timeline Information settings. If configured with full permissions, you can include custom metadata display on the tooltip.

Note: It may take several seconds for the tooltip to load asset information as configured in Timeline Information settings. The tooltip loads event properties initially, and loads asset properties automatically after.

Note: Scheduler supports the display up to 8 fields of properties for single camera recordings, and 6 fields of properties for Multicam recordings.

If you hover on a channel, a tooltip appears to show the channel name, server name, recording port, router destination, remaining storage and status of the channel. When the channel is down, the font color of the channel name changes from white to orange.

You can also configure a Multicam channel that can record two incoming video feeds in the Scheduler tool. An event recorded via the Multicam channel creates two assets, nominally referred to as _(A) and _(B). Since those assets are created together, the record and stop commands to the channel affect both assets simultaneously.

Note: Recording will not proceed if there is insufficient storage on the K2 system. The recording button is disabled when remaining storage is less than the default crash duration as set in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

If desired, you can configure specific properties on event display for the Track View timeline of Scheduler tool. The configuration can be done on the Timeline Information tab of Ingest settings in GV STRATUS Control Panel

If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. If permission is restricted, buttons, list items, and other controls can be disabled or hidden. Bins, assets, and metadata that do not have read permissions are not visible. Markers and segments permissions must be set to Allow in order to create, update, or delete markers and segments.

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